Oregon Inlet fishing center fishing report 3-21


by Deborah
oregon-inlet-fishing-center-fishing-report-3-21 Oregon Inlet fishing center fishing report 3-21

Lots of boats sailed today on this fantastic, sunny day. We brought in 4 bluefin tuna ranging from 60″ to 87″ and weighing anywhere from 100 lbs. to 378 lbs. There were many releases from 82″ and larger and weighing from 200 lbs. to 475 lbs. 2 bigeye tunas were broght in weighing 148 lbs. and 189 lbs. We also had a couple of yellowfins. Not a shaby day. Come on down and book your trip or reach us on the web at oregon- inlet.com or you can always ge the person touch by calling us at 1-800-272-519

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center
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