Ocean Isle Fishing center report 3-26

“Backwater Report” | Tiberias – 22′ | 03/24/14

The redfishing has been pretty good so far this year. As usual the reds are holding tight to hard structure along the waterway and rivers. The warmer weather has brought some life back into the water with small minnows moving around. Live mud minnows have really gotten the redfish’s attention lately. Fresh chunks of crab will also coax a few into biting as well. Speckled trout have also made a strong showing with the warmer water temperatures. Most are on the small side, but they are hitting chartreuse and white colored plastics very aggressively. Lots of FUN! Please keep in mind that speckled trout are closed for harvest until June 15th making them catch and release only for now. See ya on the water!

– Capt. Jacob Frick
ocean-isle-fishing-center-report-3-26 Ocean Isle Fishing center report 3-26ocean-isle-fishing-center-report-3-26 Ocean Isle Fishing center report 3-26ocean-isle-fishing-center-report-3-26 Ocean Isle Fishing center report 3-26ocean-isle-fishing-center-report-3-26 Ocean Isle Fishing center report 3-26

rkey Huntin’ Anglers” | Do Work / OIFC | 03/24/14

Camdyn and I loaded up the turkey gear and headed to Georgia with a good friend Chris to hunt the opening weekend of turkey season. We arrived in Twiggs County Georgia and met Brian and Brandon Aycock of Team Hail Yeah on their farm. This is how the events unfolded.
Day one:
Brian and Brandon took us on a a guided tour and showed us the lay of the land. Just like fishing, we located the food sources and the roosting areas. We were able to roost a bird that evening and had a good area to start. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of Camdyn’s face when she heard that turkey gobble less then 100 yards away. We then went back to camp and had a good spaghetti dinner and went to bed with dreams of big Tom turkeys.
Day two:
We woke up around 5:15 and got geared up and headed to where we heard the bird gobble from roost. At sunrise, Chris let out a big ole owl hoot and just like clock work the ole Tom let out a big gobble and we heard him fly down from the roost. Chris began to work the turkey as we set up to ambush him as he came in. The turkey was cooperating just fine until we heard a hen that began to compete against us. Well as most of you know the real hen won and the ole Tom refused to come any closer has he found the real thing. We regrouped and changed locations and found us another bird. Again, Chris began working him, and this bird was coming in hot! This ole Tom came in with authority, but I believe he spotted one of our anxious hunters and figured it may be best to change his course.
We returned to camp and came up with a different game plan. Camdyn and I went to one side of the farm and began to call as Chris and Brandon went to the other side. Camdyn began to call and had a bird answer. What an accomplishment for an 8 year old hunter. She continued to call and the bird just seemed not to move. Then out of nowhere we heard the thunder of a 12 gauge! Shortly after, I received a message from Chris that Brandon had just downed his first turkey ever! Camdyn and I headed to camp to see Brandon’s trophy. As we left our set up and headed in, we soon learned why the turkey she called was refusing to come. There was a a trail full of about 10 hens. Once at camp, Brandon was smiling ear to ear getting his picture made with his bird. Chris then taught Brandon how to clean and prepare his bird.

Once we had Brandon’s turkey cleaned, we set back out. Here comes the most exciting part of the trip! Chris set up two decoys in a field and began to call. Out of nowhere, a loud gobble erupted from the woods and out stepped a true Tom in full strut. This bird strutted around and spotted the decoys. Then he took off in a full sprint and attacked the decoys, strutting about 10 yards from the kids. Unfortunately none of us had a good shot. The wise ole tom then realized he stepped into a trap and turned and began to leave as fast has he came in. I then swung around and took two shots that were a complete swing and a miss!!!! Oh well it happens. The good part is Camdyn and Brandon got to see a show most have never seen. A big tom turkey in full strut spitt’in and drum’in, showing everyone who was boss! We all continued hunting until sunset, but couldn’t get anything to commit. In all we worked 8 to 10 birds that day and we able to connect on one.
Day three:
Chris and I located several birds that were gobbling and on fire. The problem was that all the birds had found hens. We hunted until around lunch and decided to call it a day when the rain moved in.
What a trip, Brandon got his first turkey and everyone got to see and hear birds. Can’t wait for the NC season to get here. I would like to thank Team Hail Yeah for opening up their hunting camp and Chris for showing our young hunters the art of Turkey hunting. Time to tune our calls for our season and sharpen our hooks for fishing season.

– Capt. Jeff Beck

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