Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-22

3-22-14 Looks like a nice warm day out there today,,I am not on the boat,,,got my sons birthday party at the house of bounce later…but Capt.Chris called and said they caught some Codfish again today,,,not sure how many but he sent me some pics,,I will try to get em all up here that I got by lunchtime today,,if not later or tomorrow..the good news is tomorrrow(sunday)looks real nice with 10-15 mph winds…Looking forward to getting back out to the grounds..So I will see you in the morning for coffee…any questions feel free to give me a call or text..
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-22-3.jpg

There you go!couple of nice ling!
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-22-1.jpg

Got some more pics coming from today

Ocean Explorer

905 Highway 35

Belmar NJ


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