Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17

3-15-14 A little bit of a ground swell left over from yesterday but the winds went west like they were supposed to and the ocean was actually really nice today..It even blew about 25 mph and still it was just a small chop..The fish were a little more aggresive today,,,couple of the guys including Jose Reyes in the first picture below was jigging in some really clean water that moved in over nite and nailed four Codfish,,,two were keepers and he pulled the hook on a couple of other nicer fish we never saw..Roger also had two keeper Codfish in the next picture…Few ling but not many,,,,we also had couple of blackfish chew that we pulled out of the deeper water so at least today the fish were chewing a little unlike the past few days….Still not no great fishing but we get some some bites and caught some fish..Some of the guys did at least..Dogfish were around but not that bad,,tomorrow we are heading back out with some more jigs and clams to try get into some more CODS!!!!See ya in the morning,,pics.
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17-1.jpg

Jose was dialed in today with the Jig,,,I would have like to see that good one that pulled the hook!
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17-2.jpg

Roger had a couple on bait.
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17-3.jpg

This one took home the money!
Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17-4.jpg

Couple of these came up today but we released em..

Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-17-5.jpg

3-14-14 We started off in pretty nice conditions this morning,,light sw winds..small chop..Water still cold,,36 degree water temp..Pretty good fishing right out of the gate this morning..Plenty of Grey Growlers(aka dogfish)….Not much else though,,couple of small codfish,,,one on a jig,,one on bait..Pulled a couple of others off on jigs….Only one ling..Tough day again putting fish in the box..Ended up getting pretty nasty out,,by lunchtime the winds started cranking up to 25 kts out of the south and we had a interesting ride in ,,needless to say we were on time today…As for tomorrow it looks warm out with the winds coming back around to the west so we should be in good shape..See ya in the morning..

Ocean Explorer

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