Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-12

3-11-13 The weather today could not be beat,,,flat calm out and warm..Water still very cold,,,37 degrees offshore..Fishing was very slow again,,,,not many bites at all,,some spots we stopped had not even a nibble…I did notice the current out of the north,,,might have had something to do to it,,either way it was a tough day to get some fish on the boat…Few ling here and there,,,not many and at the end of the day when the current started running out of the southeast we got lucky and had a couple of nice Codfish come over the rail which made a couple of people happy…so in the end it was a good day to fish just not very productive for getting dinner..check out some pics….As for the next few days we are looking at probably a nice morning tomorrow but it is suppposed to get really gusty as the morning goes on and the afternoon is no good at all..So we are not sailing tomorrow or Wednesday,,Friday is on the ropes…I will let you know here..pics.

Ocean Explorer

905 Highway 35

Belmar NJ


ocean-explorer-fishing-report-belmar-3-12 Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-12ocean-explorer-fishing-report-belmar-3-12 Ocean Explorer fishing report, Belmar 3-12

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