Norway Starts Seizing Russian Trawler

Norway Starts Seizing Russian Trawler – Norwegian naval ships have started seizing the Russian trawler Elektron in the Russian economic zone of the Barents Sea.

norwayship Norway Starts Seizing Russian Trawler

The trawler belonging to the Murmansk-based Korzh Co. was detained in the Norwegian economic zone Saturday for crude encroachment on fishery rules and convoyed to one of the ports at Spitsbergen island. Monday morning, the Elektron crew let two Norwegian inspectors aboard and moved to the international waters with them. Four Norwegian ships have caught Elektron in the Russian economic zone. This is the first such case in the modern history of Russian-Norwegian relations.

Russian and Norwegian diplomats are currently discussing the incident, RIA-Novosti quoted the Russian embassy in Oslo as saying.

The aide to the Russian Navy commander-in-chief, Igor Dygalo, quoted by Echo of Moscow radio said the Navy would not interfere in the situation although it obtained the information. “The situation should be solved through diplomatic channels only, the vessel’s owner is aware of the situation. Everything must be settled within the frameworks of the international law,” Dygalo said

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