North Alabama Fishing Reports

North Alabama Fishing Reports – Don’t expect warm and calm weather to last much longer as November is known for bringing in severe storm systems to the Tennessee Valley.

Always check the forecast before going out and be sure all safety equipment is in good shape.

Wheeler Lake: The largemouth bass bite has been steady as anglers are finding success on numerous different patterns.
One pattern is working riprap with spinnerbaits and crankbaits while another is to work submerged grass with jig-and-pig combinations
and Texas-rigged plastic worms.

Look for crappie to be feeding in deeper areas near the main river channel where plenty of structure is present. A jigging spoon should
attract a few bites, but live minnows on a tight line work best.

Catfishing is good during late afternoon and early evening hours in depths of 12 to 25 feet when current is flowing.

Look for rockpiles such as ones that are designed to hold power poles and throw chicken livers in areas where the current breaks.

Catfish are aggressive this time of year and it shouldn’t take you long to figure
out if you are in a good

Wheeler Lake: A few anglers trolling the north, rocky banks have been catching smallmouth bass in the 1-3 pound range using medium and deep-diving crankbaits to attract the brown fish.
When approaching a rock point, be sure to slow down and let the lure work as close to the point as possible.

Plenty of catfish are caught in depths beyond 15 feet in areas where the current makes a sharp turn close to steep points.

Use rooster livers on the bottom on medium/heavy to heavy tackle for best

A few largemouth bass are being caught by anglers pitching jigs under boat docks and boathouses.

Be sure to pitch the jig as far as possible under the structure to tempt the
bigger bass hiding to come out.

Pickwick Lake: On slightly cool mornings, a few anglers are catching smallmouth bass on topwater lures by casting and retrieving over submerged grass beds.
If this tactic isn’t working, switch over to a jig-and-pig combination and slow your presentation down.

Lake Guntersville: A few largemouth bass are being caught early in the day around floating grass beds near the main river
Throwing a buzzbait is a good way to locate the fish and once found, switch over to a Texas-rigged plastic lizard or a jig-and-pig combination.
— Paul Stackhouse,

DAILY Correspondent

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