New spoons from Bob aka Finger Lakes

Well I’ve had a LONG LONG winter… Things have gone from tons of orders, to OMG! So far since the upstart of the biz I now have spoons in countless stores across the state, now in Sweden, and soon on the west coast. It’s been tough keeping up on Facebook with the page lately. I definitely know I haven’t put any of this year’s new goodies up over here, probably should be, as a lot of guys aren’t big on Facebook. The new spoons for 2014 are a different breed of spoon. These are my Hi-viz Seris spoons. They consist of multiple different paints, and lacquer coatings. Time wise they take 5x’s longer to produce than the standard spoons most have come to know. They get the tag Hi-viz for 2 reasons. 1st is the uv cups. It’s STRONG! 2nd is the glow on the face. The glows vary from spoon to spoon, some will have a charge time of 12hrs, and others will go as long as 24hrs. Pricing on these will be more than the regular spoons, due to time making them, and the cost that is put into them as well. I’m very excited about these! I personally am not supposed to say this because I made them, but just the appearance alone is fantastic! There are more than what’s shown! Kos, ssw, wonderbread, black meat pounding deep, and a bunch of others too.

Bank Breaker frog
Blue Alewife
Ice-cream sandwich “my personal favorite”!
Green Alewife
Freakin Frog was an older model. I pimped it!
Evil Twin
Angry alewife
Salmon Express
War Machine
Super Cyclops
Lot Lizard
Top Hooker
Glow shot

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