Fishing report: Wind conspires to spoil good time NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE

LAKE MEAD: Now is the time of year when anglers should be enjoying good fishing for striped bass and channel catfish. However, a second consecutive week of strong winds has prevented anglers from taking to the water.

NDOW creel census clerks have seen few fishermen or fish at fish cleaning stations in the Boulder Basin and Overton Arm during the past week.

When there has been a break in the winds, anglers have enjoyed success for striped bass from the 33 Hole to the back of Las Vegas Wash. Live shad that are being netted in Las Vegas Wash, anchovies and shallow running lures, such as Sassy Shad, are catching fish that weigh as much as 4 pounds.

Stripers are hitting off Boulder Beach and boaters are catching fish after chumming with corn and anchovies. A few stripers have been caught recently at Hemenway Point, however shore fishing continues to be fairly slow.

Fish Island, Salt Bay, Fire Cove and Stewart’s Point in the Overton Arm have been productive recently for stripers.

NDOW game wardens said that the strong winds have caused a number of boats to become swamped during the past two weeks. They said boaters should exercise caution and avoid taking to the water when there are strong winds.

LAKE MOHAVE: Fairly good success has been found following the weekly rainbow trout plants at Willow Beach. This week’s plant was scheduled for today.

Boaters are still finding good action for stripers above and below Cottonwood Cove. Boaters who are drifting with anchovies are catching the fish, most of which weigh around a pound.

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA: Despite breezy conditions, fishing is rated as very good on all reservoirs. Dan Maes, installation technician, said that the largemouth bass have become active and anglers are now catching very nice fish.

The larger rainbow trout are now taking bait as well. Maes checked fish that ranged 16-19 inches. The fish were being taken on an assortment of baits.

Surface water temperatures ranged from 68 — 72 degrees. Daily temperatures were in the high 70s.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR: ing success has been good as anglers are catching stocker size rainbow trout. The fish are small, ranging from eight to ten inches and were taken on live worms. Anglers have also noticed an increase in the number of fish taking Powerbait.

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR: Anglers continued to experience success for largemouth bass, rainbow trout and crappie. Ben Johnson from Nevada State Parks said that the bass averaged ten inches, trout 11 inches, and the crappie were hand-size. Power Bait and live worms were landing the fish.

URBAN PONDS: NDOW stocked channel catfish Monday in ponds at Floyd Lamb State Park, Lorenzi Park and Sunset Park in Las Vegas, Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City and Hafen Park in Mesquite.

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