Need a quick ID of some spoons

So I got another massive collection of spoons recently.  I kinda got burnt a bit on the description and quality of the spoons, so after spending hours cleaning everything Im going to be selling off most of them.  It was one of those deals where the seller said they had 500 spoons and only took pictures of the 50 good ones.  In order to try to get some of my money back out, I’m going to sell most of them – but I need to know what a few are that I couldnt ID.

If you can help me ID these in the pictures below, it would be a ton of help.

Here is a part of the collection minus a few mags I already sold and around 50 pro kings I already have set aside.

Notice the huge pile on the bottom left – those are the spoons that even after cleaning are in that great of condition.


Spoon ID needed on this one – they kinda look like NorthPort but have a slightly different blank.


I think these are NorthPort but not sure since they are unmarked.


These ones I have no idea.  They have a reverse V in them – all I know is I have a ton of them.



The last one is a scalloped blank – have no idea what they are.


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