My trip with rockitout

So Saturday I met up with rockitout and his girlfriend for a day of going after some steelhead. We met up at the guide shop where we launched from. We let the first big rush of guides go down so we could bat a lil clean up and not be in a boat race all day. Within the first 1/4 mi we seen a guide hook up and land a huge native so I got out the cheater drift rods and got some bait on them and ready to go. We kinda just stayed on the move most the day. Hooked are fist fish within the first hour. And then stayed pretty steady for us with bites the rest of the day we ended up going 3-7 on the day. Best part of it all was it was both there first steelhead ever! Also was first time in a drift boat. The last fish we landed was a hot lil hen she came out of the water at least 4 times ran around like it was on fire before she finally gave up. Wasn’t the biggest fish but man did that one have some spunk!! I had a great day with you guys and are welcome back in my boat ANY time!

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