My! It was cold on Sunday morning…

It was really cold on Sunday morning at first light. I have never tried to fish in those sort of conditions before.

my-it-was-cold-on-sunday-morning My! It was cold on Sunday morning...

It was so cold that after four hours the only fish I saw was a rogue pike that grabbed my line on the retrieve. Even that got away after a bit if a fight. The was not another fish to be seen and the water was mirror flat, absolutely no sign of life whatsoever.

I gave up after four hours or so and moved to a lake that had the sun on it. Much better, I actually started to catch a good few fish. The whole story of the day can be found on my blog if you want to see how it went. Although I was very cold, the fishing was far from great and not at all what I had expected, I did learn a lot and will try a different approach next time. Surprisingly, I got home with a good feeling that I had achieved something. Although I was short on fish, I now know some of the things not to do!


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