MPs in Cross-Party Appeal to Rebuild Fishing Fleet

MPs in Cross-Party Appeal to Rebuild Fishing Fleet
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK

MPs launched a cross-party appeal today to raise funds to rebuild the Sri Lankan fishing fleet shattered in the Asian tsunami.

The initiative, which is supported by British trawler crews from around the country, aims to get aid directly to local fishing communities so that they can start earning a living again.

Anthony Steen, the Conservative MP for Totnes who has helped organise the “fish and ships” appeal, said that he was seeking to enlist the support of all MPs with coastal constituencies.

To mark their efforts, the new boats will be named after the British parliamentary constituencies involved.

“Our aim is to get help immediately to stricken fishing communities and get them fishing again,” Mr Steen told the launch at Westminster.

It is estimated that about half the registered Sri Lankan fleet of 29,000 vessels was destroyed in the tsunami.


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