Missing skipper south africa

Missing boat skipper not yet found – A man who went missing last night when his fishing trawler, Kathleen Louise the third, sunk near Cape Town, has still not been found. The missing man was the skipper of the boat. Two of the eight crew members who were rescued were admitted to hospital with pelvic and chest injuries respectively. Their injuries are not serious and will most likely be discharged from hospital later this week.

An aerial search of the area this morning yielded nothing and it is believed the man went down with the trawler. The Navy might now be requested to send divers down to see if the man is on the trawler, but a decision is still to be made.

“The only thing they can do is see if the missing person is still on the vessel. The last information we have is that the crew told us he was on board when it went down,” said Patrick van Eyssen, the station commander of the Table Bay NSRI. The name of the skipper and those of the crew of the boat will be released once their families have been informed.

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