Minister says no ban on jetty fishing Encounter Marine Park

Minister says ‘no ban on jetty fishing’ REGION – Environment and Conservation Minister John Hill has ruled out a ban on fishing from boat ramps and jetties, after allegations of ‘dancing around’ the issue.
Liberal Fisheries spokesperson Caroline Schaefer challenged Mr Hill to rule out a ban on recreational fishing from jetties and boat ramps.

“Mr Hill has caused outrage among anglers by dancing around the issue of jetty fishing bans,” Mrs Schaefer said.

“I am yet to see any data that shows people who drop a line from a jetty are taking an unsustainable quantity of fish from the fishery.”

On Monday, Mr Hill responded by saying that fishing from jetties and boat ramps would not be banned in the proposed marine park.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that in our draft plan released in March, there are no jetties or boat ramps in the Encounter area where fishing is off limits.”

Mr Hill has recently met with commercial and recreational fishers and local government regarding the new Encounter Marine Park.

He said the latest meetings were about offering the representative groups more opportunity to comment on the draft zoning plan, and have input into the development of South Australia’s representative system of marine protected areas.

“This is certainly not about closing down fishing or tourism,” said Mr Hill.

The Department received more than 480 public submissions for Environment and Heritage concerning the Encounter Marine Park.

All submissions will be analysed and any recommended changes developed by Department for Environment and Heritage, with advice from the Encounter MPA Consultative Committee, other Government agencies and key stakeholders.

A revised Zoning Plan, and any supporting documentation, will then be submitted to the Government for its consideration and approval

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