Miami River chums!

Took my annual trip to the Miami for chums with my friend Brett and his dad..was even better than last year. Fishing was crazy..I think most of the chums came in in this past week because of the rain last weekend, so there were a lot of fresh fish in there. It was awesome!

We got there at about 8:45 AM (late, I know, but the guy driving is not a morning person)..but it didn’t matter. Met a buddy down there who left about 20 minutes after we did, they had apparently caught a ton. I usually fly fish, but since I didn’t have a fly rod, I brought the old Okuma Centrific spinning rod/reel combo, lol. Tried drifting corky and yarn for about 5 seconds but then my buddy that I met there gave me a really crappy looking fly, pretty much just random pieces of stiff pink material sloppily thrown onto a hook..but it worked! Yes, I did fish a fly with a spinning rod, and I caught just as many, if not more chums than the guys I went with.

Fished the same stretch I fished last year, nobody there and it was great. We were mainly using pink streamers, but my friend’s dad did use a white streamer, and the fish were really aggressive. Not many spawned out fish and most of them were really fresh (I caught an almost-chrome one, just barely had light pink stripes..but didn’t get a picture, friend w a phone was across the river) is a blast to see a big chum hammering your fly in a small river. Between the three of us, we were hooking up every 1-2 minutes, it was on fire, sometimes every cast hooking fish.

Daily totals, each of us caught about 7-8 fish each in a time span of about 2 hours…That’s about 20-25 salmon in 2 hours (more if you count the guys we met there)! Most of the fish we caught were nice looking hens, but some decent bucks in there too. Crazy! Plus, the fish took forever to land, most of the fish we caught took between 5-15 minutes, but sometimes moment of the day was one of our (multiple) triple hook-ups. We all had on huge bucks for 25-30 minutes, before my friends dad got his stuck in a log jam and proceeded to snap his very expensive sage rod (LOL, I believe pdxstruve mentioned his friend seeing someone snapping a sage rod a few days ago..moral of the story is, don’t take sage rods on the Miami). I had one fish on for close to 45 minutes before it snapped off, I also almost got spooled multiple times, and I had a lot of line.

Anyway, absolutely great day out on the miami fishing streamers for aggressive chums! Here are some pics, I’ll post some more pics and a video later:
miami-river-chums Miami River chums!
miami-river-chums Miami River chums!
that fish ^^ is the only one of that big buck triple that we actually landed. and that’s Brett, amnis on this forum..yes, we’re young haha
miami-river-chums Miami River chums!
I’ll post more pics when I get them from Brett, and a video when we make one. Sorry for the long report, but it was awesome. They take pretty much anything, btw…

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miami-river-chums Miami River chums!   miami-river-chums Miami River chums!   miami-river-chums Miami River chums!  

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