Meghna Trawler piracy

Trawler piracy in Meghna – Some 80 fishing trawlers fell into the hands of the pirates in the river of Meghna last week. It is not a single case. It often happens in a many a river of the country almost everyday. The pirates invade the fishermen in the sea also. This has appalled the fishermen who are reportedly thinking of giving up of the profession for security concern. As Bangladesh has been already running short of fish by about seven hundred thousand metric ton annually, the fishermen’s leaving the profession will widen the gap only to make fish out of reach of the majority consumers. For this, the government must take adequate measures to crush the criminals.

Bangladesh Navy may be used to guard the sea belt and the rivers to ensure safety and security of the trawlers and the men on board. Moreover, an effective river police may be constituted with logistic supports.

Dhaka By Rabbani

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