MARINER 2 stroke 40hp help please (Paignton area)

MARINER 2 stroke (1991) 40hp help please (Paignton area)

anyone local to Paignton/torbay good with outboard engines I need help mine wont start lol. don’t mind bunging someone a drink as long as they can sort the problem out.

I’ve put new plugs in and seems to be fuel going into the carbs… its a 40hp MARINER outboard number 6E9

started 2 weeks ago and nearly started this morning well did for few secs and now wont start at all.

be really grateful if anyone can help as just cant afford to take it to a marine engineers shop (yes poor person I’m afraid lol)

Cheers guys

(ps I fix computers if your every stuck and I can help back )

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