Maggots sometimes smell bad

maggots-sometimes-smell-bad Maggots sometimes smell bad

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Go to your tackle shop and buy a maggot riddle. Then to a supermarket and buy a steel wire fine sieve and a bag of maize meal. Find a bowl or vessel that fits beneath your riddle.

Pour smelly maggots into the seive and shake off the pis@ stained maize they came in. Pour them onto the riddle and leave the live ones to drop into your bowl. All the dead ones and casters will remain in the riddle.

Feed the birds.

Stick in a teaspoon full of maize meal in with the live maggots and store them in the fridge.

I recycle all my maggots like this and if any are left over I put them in a plastic bag and freeze them.

You can put some flavouring in before freezing them.

Use them later as margin bait or mixed in with groundbait…

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