Lowrance Elite 5 HDI – Guidance please

Just got new boat on the water which came with above mentioned combi unit.
I have found it far from clear as to exactly how to use this unit and what the Navionics software on my computer is supposed to do – there tech help just seems to want to sell me more stuff!

I have bought a Gold small chart installed it, and it works.
Should it show wreck positions that are shown on Imray charts?
Can I somehow get the charts to show on my PC and put marks etc onto the chart that way? The 5" screen is very small to work on and I need to sit in the boat all night to power it up – or am I missing something else?

Sonar readings were nonsense, but subsequently found that sonar was set to 5m range – now set to auto so hope that fixes that one.

First launch/retrieve achieved without drama and gentle run about getting Suzi run in 🙂

Any help appreciated Thank you

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