Looe harbour improvements UK

Looe harbour improvements for the fishing industry
LOOE Harbour has received grants of almost half a million pounds for ten projects to improve facilities for the fishing industry.

The projects funded by Objective One FIFG monies since 2002 include upgrading of fish processing units on the quay, upgrading of the fog signal and pier light, provision of a chill room for storage; an ice plant; an Electronic Auction for the fish market; the installation of a crane, and the purchase of a box washer.

The projects have brought great benefit to the harbour’s fleet of fishing boats and to four fish processors in the town. Tina Hick’s of Looe Harbour Commissioners said, “With the assistance of Objective 1 funding, we have successfully completed a number of projects which have not only served to improve the facilities available within the port, but has also indirectly secured many of the jobs of people working within the port, in addition to creating a number of additional job opportunities.”
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