Leaves/debris in the water questions + Wilson River 11/4/15 Report

HereÂ?s a report from bank fishing the Wilson on Wednesday followed by some questions about leaves/debris in the water re: salmon fishing. If you donÂ?t care about the report skip ahead to the leaves/debris section, I want to hear your thoughts!

11/4/15 Report

Fished from the bank near Tillamook from just before 7AM to after 4PM, went 0/1 Â? missed a hookset on the good old orange/silver spoon around 7:30 AM ((was experimenting with mono…never again never again!!)) Threw a mix of spoons and spinners, even tried plugs for awhile. When I knew a wave of fish was coming through, I always used what has proven to get bites there, so I donÂ?t think it was the type of hardware I was throwing that was the problem. *Side note: it’s freaking tiring to throw hardware nonstop in the same spot with no break for 9 hours! Just saying

But the fish were there, saw at least 10 landed and more hooked. I think all the fish I saw landed were on eggs/bait, mostly bobber/eggs but some bounced. DidnÂ?t see anyone running plugs hook up. At least 75% of the fish I saw landed were at least somewhat dark, which surprised me I guess because itÂ?s usually a more even ratio in tidewater there in my experience.

Most of the fish action (hookups + fish rolling on the surface) came at high and low slack, but there were waves of action all day. It was pretty chilly out, donÂ?t think it got much past 50F. River was just a tad below 5Â? after a big burst of rain 4 days prior and a 5+ foot spike in river level. WasnÂ?t too muddy but lots of leaves/debris~~~Anyway my lack of hits (just 1 sure hit in 9 hours when I KNOW those fish were in there), plus the lack of action (that I saw) for people running plugs, got me to philosophizing about what went wrong, and this is what IÂ?m thinking:


I suspect it was mainly the leaves/debris that caused such a slow day for me. I figure so many random things in the water make it less appealing for fish to strike at one more, sort of similar, thing going by them. Plus, over half of my casts returned with leaves/debris stuck to the lure, so those don’t even count as fishing. But alternatively, a big glob of eggs trailing eggy greasy goo, at the same speed as the flow of the water, might not get caught up in the debris as much, and also might entice the fish despite the debris? Is this why the people running plugs didn’t get any action? Should we all fish eggs when there’s debris in the water?

And how do I know when there are going to be leaves in the water? Do the tides effect this? Is the debris from the rain event, or is it just something that happens every Fall as the leaves change, or a bit of both? How many days after a rain event does it take for the debris to clear? I thought 4 would be enough. Should I go big and flashy, or small and subtle when there is debris in the water?

^^Any thoughts on any of these questions would be welcome!

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