Last trip before wrapping

Took boat out for probably last time before winterizing and wrapping. Having never been striper fishing before, brought along my neighbor and his son to join me and mine. After a late start due to a folly of errors, launched the boat in Raritan Bay, NJ. Got to tip of the hook and asked neighbor what the game plan was. He put a umbrella rig out on one of my dipsey rods with green shads and proceeded to sent up another. No sooner was the second rod out and the first was ripping son was rewarded with a 15# blue. Day was a steady pick of blues and stripers( 1 keeper). Finished day with a three bagger on the umbrella rig. Hell of a fight. Will definitely be doing this fishing more in the future when not playing on Lake O. Definitely wont have to ask the boys twice if they want to go again. last-trip-before-wrapping Last trip before wrapping last-trip-before-wrapping Last trip before wrapping

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