Largemouth and smallmouth bass USA

Fishing Report Fishing has been very good this week on area lakes. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are hitting a variety of lures. Walleye are still in shallow water during the day and in deep water at night. Anglers are catching bream by the bucketful.

Chatuge: Some big catches reported this week, including a 6-pound walleye and an 8 1/2-pound hybrid bass. The walleye are in shallow water off points and are hitting Shad Raps. The hybrids are around Anderson Bridge and are hitting large bass minnows. Both spotted bass and largemouth bass are hitting well. The spots are hitting live minnows and plastic lizards. Largemouth bass are hitting green pumpkin-seed colored plastic worms. Good bream activity on crickets and redworms. Yellow perch also are hitting well. Crappie fishing is best early evening and at night. Catfish are hitting chicken livers, bloodbait and nightcrawlers fished on the lake bottom. For more information, call Anne Lee at 389-6465.

Fontana: Walleye are hitting orange or pink lead-head jigs tipped with nightcrawlers fished off clay banks. At night, the walleye are hitting spoons and Shad Raps trolled at depths of 40-60 feet. The walleye also are hitting crawlers fished at night under lights at depths of 70 feet off long points. Largemouth bass are hitting floating worms, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits back in coves. Smallmouth bass are hitting Tube Jigs fished at depths of 25 feet. Good bream and yellow perch activity on crickets and redworms. Some big catfish have been caught in the 30- to 35-pound range. For more information, call Lester Carringer at 498-2211 or Jim Mathis at 488-6423.

James: Smallmouth bass are hitting live minnows and crankbaits off points. Largemouth bass are hitting crankbaits back in coves and around down trees. Walleye are hitting leadhead jigs tipped with nightcrawlers in deep water off points.

Julian: Largemouth bass are hitting nightcrawlers and top-water lures around the train trestle. Crappie are hitting minnows and nightcrawlers. Catfish are hitting nightcrawlers and chicken livers in the area designated for catfish fishing. A thousand catfish are being stocked in the lake at the beginning of each month this summer. Tilapia are hitting bread, corn, and nightcrawlers. A night bass tournament is scheduled this weekend. For more information, call David Blynt at 684-0376.

Santeetlah: Fish have been very active this week. Largemouth bass are hitting gold and black floating Rapalas and Trick Worms in a variety of colors – black glitter, black sapphire, June bug, sour grape and pumpkin. The largemouth are mainly in areas of the lake with a heavy pollen cover and places with downed trees. Smallmouth bass are chasing shad minnows and are hitting Tiny Torpedo and floating Rapala lures. Walleye and trout are hitting nightcrawlers in the mouths of creeks. Trout also are hitting nightcrawlers fished at night under lights in deep water off points. Excellent bream activity on crickets. For more information, call Randall Veal at 479-8180.

Thorpe/Glenville: Smallmouth and largemouth bass are hitting 303 Bandit crankbaits and white spinnerbaits off rocky banks. A few walleye and some trout are mixed in with the bass. Largemouth and smallmouth also are hitting crankbaits and spinnerbaits around downed trees. Crappie haven’t begun biting yet. Bream action is beginning to pick up. Best baits are crickets and redworms. For more information, call Bob Shuey at 743-2143.

Trout Fishing Report
Delayed-harvest streams are now under hatchery-supported regulations. Fishers may keep up to seven trout of any size with no lure or bait restrictions. The streams will be under catch-and-keep regulations through Sept. 30, when streams change back to catch-and-release regulations. Delayed-harvest streams are posted with white and black diamond-shaped signs.

For Great Smoky Mountains National Park streams, Roger Lowe recommends No. 14-10 Golden Stone (large hatches coming off), No. 16-14 Light Cahill, No. 16-14 little Yellow Stone, No. 14-12 Light Hendrickson and No. 18-14 Sulphur as primary hatch patterns for dry-fly fishing. Recommended attractor patterns: No. 16-12 yellow Stimulator, No. 16-12 yellow parachute Adams, No. 16-12 female Adams and No. 14-12 Jim Charley. Nymphs: No. 12-10 Girdlebug, No. 12-10 Golden Stone, No. 14-10 Yellowhammer and No. 12-10 Tellico.

Streams are full and clear with water temperatures running 55 to 58 degrees. Best fishing time is 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For the Tuckasegee River (delayed harvest section): No. 18-16 Pale Morning Dun and No. 18-16 Blue-Winged Olive (good early morning hatches). Attractor patterns: No. 16-14 brown or orange Flying Ant, No. 14-12 Pink Lady, No. 14-12 Royal Wulff and No. 14-12 red Humpy. Nymphs: No. 12-10 Girdlebug, No. 12-10 rubber-legged Brown Stone and No. 10-8 olive Woolly Booger.

Water temperatures are slightly higher on the Tuckasegee than in other streams.

For the Nantahala River, recommended hatch patterns are No. 16-14 little Yellow Stone, No. 15-14 little Green Stone, No. 18-16 Sulphur (sulphurs have orange thorax), No. 14-12 Yellow Drake and No. 20-18 crème Midge. Attractor patterns: No. 14-12 Adams Variant, No. 14-12 yellow Palmer and No. 14-12 yellow Humpy. Nymphs: No. 16-12 beadhead Tellico, No. 12-10 Girdlebug and No. 14-12 Golden Stone.

For the Davidson River and its tributaries, Kevin Howell recommends No. 12-10 yellow Caddis, No. 14-12 Cahill (late evening) and No. 16-12 Yellow Sally. For nymph fishing, No. 12 soft-hackle Pheasant Tail, No. 12 Black Ant, No. 16-12 Hare’s Ear, No. 16-12 rubber-legged Prince, No. 8-6 Kevin’s Stone and No. 18-12 Red Fox Squirrel.

Duke Power Co. has a toll-free number, (866) 332-5253, for checking generating schedules for the Nantahala and Tuckasegee rivers. The same number may be called to check lake levels for Bear, Cedar Cliff, Glenville, Nantahala, Queens Creek, Tanasee and Wolf lakes.

For up-to-date information about fishing on the Davidson River, South and North Mills rivers, and nearby streams and tributaries, call Kevin Howell at 877-4181, (888) 861-0111 (toll free) or Shane Buckner at 252-3005, (800) 227-6732 (toll free). For streams west of Asheville, call Roger Lowe at 452-0039
By Bob Berghaus

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