What’s hot is trolling the tip of Wapato Point on Lake Chelan in the morning for Mackinaw. Also hot is the evening bite for Lake Trout along Manson Bay. Finally, hot, is the middle of the day bite for Mackinaw in the trench. Cooling off during the weather change is the early morning bite on Lake Chelan for Mackinaw either on the “Bar” on Lake Chelan.

Pounding piles of fish in Manson Bay with Silver Horde’s Needlefish Squid rigs fronted with a Mack’s Lure Smile Blade and baited with a piece of Northern Pikeminnow has produced great numbers of fish in the evenings. Worden Lure’s T4 Flatfish in GPLF has also gotten fish to bite.

Your fishing tip of the week is to remember to check the action of your lures at boat side at your intended speed before sending them down to the bottom. Your Mack’s Lure Smile blade should turn freely without twisting the leader line. The Worden Lure’s Flatfish should wobble aggressively from side to side without turning over to be most effective. This will not only get you more bites, but will help to prevent line twist and tangles, the 2 most frustrating problems with deepwater trolling.

The kid’s tip of the week is to really “go with” those pre-school to early grade school aged children’s imagination. Encourage them! My five year old grand-daughter did a tracing of her hand then morphed it into a fish. Then, she transformed that into our Bayliner boat with all the family on board from a recent excursion. Watching that little mind at work was something! I really think that not stifling that imagination at an early age broadens their horizons later in life.

Your safety tip of the week is to strap on your patience as we reach the highest density of boats on the lake and at the docks. If everyone tries it is a much more pleasant experience for all.
lake-chelan-area-fishing-report-for-72714 LAKE CHELAN AREA FISHING REPORT FOR 7/27/14

Pictured: 7/21/14 Bryan Smith of Seattle with a 13 pound Lake Chelan Mack. He fished with Bob Smith.
lake-chelan-area-fishing-report-for-72714 LAKE CHELAN AREA FISHING REPORT FOR 7/27/14

Also Pictured: 7/21/14 Mike Chandler, Roberta Iliff, Ron Wilson and Barb Taylor of Fairfield, WA with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw!



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