Lake Camanche Fishing Report USA

Fishing Report Lake Camanche – Thirteen-year-old D.J. Fogg of Pioneer bagged this 8.3-pound, 25 1/2-inch trout to claim the Bear River ‘Big Catch’ on the afternoon of June 12.
Lake Camanche

Lake conditions – Camanche’s current elevation is 234.08 feet above sea level, a rise of .16 feet since last Sunday. The lake should rise slowly this week. Currently water is flowing into Camanche at a rate of 1959 c.f.s., and is flowing out of Camanche at a rate of 1500 c.f.s. Lake Camanche is about 97 percent full. Surface water temperature at the dam is 72 degrees. The water is clear, with a Secchi reading of 18 feet. Gate hours for North and South shores are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Trout – Trollers are still reporting good success trolling in the main body of the lake. Guide Bruce Hamby took a group out on Father’s Day and limited his two clients by noon with nice two and three pound rainbows. They were trolling over the river channel using Ex-Cel lures in gold/black dot trout pattern, between 25 and 40 feet deep. Fishing up the river continues to be hot also. Trolling from the highway bridge up to Arkansas Bend has been producing fish, as well as drifting bait from the debris field back down the river. Bait fishing at Dike 3 continues to be red hot. Anchoring in about 46 feet of water and dropping Power Bait or Power Eggs right off the bottom has been the ticket here.

Bass – Bass fishing continues to be great this week. A couple of local bass clubs had events here last week and most of them had limits for their boats. Top water baits early in the morning were catching fish in Camanche Arm, Camper’s Cove and Causeway Cove. Plastics in green, purple and smoke all were producing Bass later in the day. With the lake water so high, there are plenty of flooded trees and brush to fish with top water baits as well as plastics.

Catfish – The catfish bite is red hot now. Fishermen report catching catfish in the Marina Cove, Camper’s Cove, and Camanche Arm this past week; with lots of action on liver, mackerel and sardines. Nightcrawlers are also good catfish bait and may catch a bass or trout also. Fish the murky or discolored water in 5 to 15 feet of water. A 15-pound test line is always recommended.

Panfish – There are still plenty of bluegill in all the coves, especially near submerged trees and brush. These fish are generally small, but are a lot of fun for kids to catch. Rooster Tails, Matzuo Sickle Shockwave lures, or red worms work well here. Camper’s Cove, China Gulch and Causeway Cove are all holding plenty of fish. A small lure and light line is all you need for lots of panfish action.

On behalf of Camanche Recreation Company, please fish and boat safely – have lots of fun – and best of luck fishing.

New Melones Lake

Important! Please take a minute to let the Department of Fish and Game know how important New Melones Lake is to you! With recent budget cutbacks, they are looking to concentrate planting efforts on the lakes that see the most angler demand. By letting them know that we anglers fish Melones, we will insure that Melones continues to get regular plantings.

This is especially important because we may not get regular creel surveys (where DFG biologists ask anglers how the fishing was at a particular lake) since we are not close to any DFG office. Don’t let them close our Moccasin Creek Hatchery! Please go to and insert your comments.

Water Conditions – New Melones Lake is currently holding 1,997,100 acre-feet of water and is at 83 percent capacity. The lake is full and beautiful. The lake elevation is now at 1,052 feet above sea level and only 36 feet from full capacity. Surface water is approximately 69 to 72 degrees. Water is fairly clear.

Ramp update: -All ramps are open. We are now using the uppermost ramp at Glory Hole and at Tuttletown.

Trout – Trollers are still bringing in limits of Kokanee with rainbows. We tend to see a lot of mixed limits of fish from boaters right now. If you are fishing from the bank for trout, you will have the most luck from the shores of the rivers and creeks. The trout in the lake have moved to deep water, so a downrigger is a necessity. Trollers are catching Rainbows and Browns in the main lake (dam or spillway area) or by Rose Island, anywhere from 45 to 55 feet deep. Night fishing with droplights should really pick up now that the trout are deeper. Night fishermen tend to use large nightcrawlers with Berkley Select Power Bait and drop their bait close to the submersible lights for best results.

Kokanee – Red-hot! Count on catching easy limits of 15 to 17 inch long, 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds. Troll slowly (1.2 m.p.h.), 40 to 60 feet deep, near the spillway/dam area, or near Rose Island. All successful anglers agree, the bite is best in the early a.m., so get up and get out on the water early. Pink seems to be the preferred color for lures, with chartreuse green, red and purple also working. Hootchies and Apex lures have provided the most action, as well as Glitterbugs Fat Fish and Spinner Hootchies, Scorpions and Father Murphy’s Bugs. All should be trolled behind a dodger, Kone Zone, or Sling Blade. Don’t forget to tip your lure with shoepeg corn soaked in Pro-Cure Scent. Garlic or a combination of garlic and Kokanee Special seems to be working best right now. A few of the lucky anglers who landed limits this week include Marty Morfey, Stan and Delores Blanchard, Mike Alloti, Joe Hallett, John Darroch, Mike Vandyke, Don Myshrall, Richard Kowski, Lee Fitzgerald, Jeff Warner and Bill Rodriguez and Doug, Judy and Pastor Ray all had successful trips with Fish ‘n’ Dan’s Guide Service.

Warren Cooper caught a nice limit with Sierra Sportfishing. Ralph Mitchell and Don Swank, Wilbur Beckwith, Sharon and John Poof, Gordon Beckwith, Glen Paddack and Don Smith all got their limits while fishing with Gold Country Sportfishing. Remember – booking a trip with one of the excellent guides who service New Melones is an excellent way to learn how to fish the lake, or to just get out and have some fun!

Bass – Good fishing! Concentrate on areas with lots of structure. There is a good top-water bite going in the early morning and late evening, when the sun is off the water, so throw a buzz-bait, a Pop-R, or Zara Spook. During the day Senkos, Spinnerbaits, 6” crawdad-colored worms, lizards and green pumpkin Zoom Baby Brush Hogs have been the best producers, with Zoom Flukes working well, too. Many anglers report large numbers of 1 to 2 pound spotted bass upriver, in the area between the two bridges. Bass fishing guide John Chiarpotti found a couple of lunker spotted bass for lucky Carl Santa Maria.

Catfish – Getting better every day as the water warms. We are hearing good reports from anglers who fish at night. Tuttletown, Angels Cove, or under the 49 Stevenot Bridge are all good spots to try for big cats. Use mackerel, anchovies, or sardines, a sliding sinker, leave your bail open and be sure your hooks are sharp. Night fishing is always best for catfish, but we see plenty caught during the day, too.

Crappie and bluegill – Fair. Try fishing live minnows or trying to entice them with jigs in red/white or purple/white. Best spots on the lake are the south side of the lake near Bear Cove, the back of Coyote Creek, Black Bart Cove and especially cuts upriver near the Parrotts Ferry Bridge that have a lot of stand-up trees in them. As always, fish tight to structure. Bluegill and sunfish are biting in the coves, especially behind the marina. A piece of crawler under a bobber is the best way to catch bluegill. They are great fun for the kids to catch!

Lake Don Pedro

The bite on Lake Don Pedro remains very good for rainbows, Kokanee and King Salmon. Rainbow trout are there for fishermen willing to target these bows. Work depths from 20 to 35 feet with flashers trolled off the downriggers with grubs, nightcrawlers or small spoons.

Kokanee bite is wide open. From Buzzard Point to Big Oak Island, Jenkins Hill and Copper Mountain the Kokes are here and willing at depths from 40 to 55 feet. Vance’s Sockeye Slammers, Killer Bs spinners and Apex lures will all produce when tipped with your favorite scented shoepeg corn.

King Salmon bite improved this past week. Work the face of the dam, open water off Jenkins Hill and the channel near the Flume, rolling shad or anchovies at depths of 55 to 70 feet.

Kokanee – The Kokanee fishing at Don Pedro still remains on fire and limits are the norm. These fish are running from 14 to a fat 16 1\2 inches and in great shape. The best areas are from Flemming Bay to the Jenkins Hill area and on out to the graveyard area.

The fish are biting at depths of an early morning 48 feet down to 70 feet later in the day.

The best lures are Apex or E-chip lures in pinks and flame reds, Hootchies in pink, purple ghost and greens and Uncle Larry’s Spinners in pink tiger, copper and blue and copper pop.

Trout – The trout fishing remains solid. Trout are in the same areas as the Kokanee. Many anglers fishing for Kokanee are picking up the Rainbows. These fish are running from one to four pounds. The trout are hitting Apex lures and Excel spoons in blue flake and shad imitations.

Salmon – The King Salmon are still biting, but beginning to get very deep, such as depths of 75 on down to 120 feet. The best areas have been by the face of the dam to Flemming Bay. Try trolling anchovies and shad.

Water conditions – At lake level is still holding at 6 feet below the spillway. Temperatures are just about the same at last week, 72 degrees at the surface and 62 degrees at the 20 foot mark as measured at the mouth of the river. Water clarity is still good to 15 feet.

Trolling – The River Arm and the Mouth are still the best areas. Kokes are traveling in small tight pods, all around The Rock Wall, Wanda’s Cove and Columbia Gulch. Word is the Kokes caught lately are larger than the usual 10 to 12 inch variety. More than one boat brought in some very nice holdover trout, many over two pounds, all with bright pink flesh. Lures, small beaded spinners in pink, red, blue and tire track are very popular. Tip ‘em with scented white corn and drag it all behind a watermelon or silver/blue dodger or sidekick. Kokes have dropped down a bit more to 35 feet and below while the Rainbows are generally a little shallower but hanging out in the same spot as the Kokanee. Lots of limits and boats are back in before noon.

Catfish – Warmer temperatures forecast for the weekend so check out Rattlesnake Cove and the others at the south end. Treble hooks, chicken liver and a good book is all it takes. What catfish lack in looks, they more than make up for in taste, especially the ones caught here at Lake Pardee.

Bank fishing remains good, still lots of trout available in the Recreation Area. Stoney Point Landing is hot. Take some shade but it is definitely worth the hike. As a rule the bite is early and the newly planted trout can’t resist silver/blue casting lures and black wooly flies. For the wary holdovers, use that sliding sinker rig cast out 30 feet from shore with processed bait in rainbow and chartreuse with sparkles.

Good luck and tight lines.

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