Kilchis float

Hi all,

I have a rare weekday off this Friday, and I’ve been eyeing an exploratory Kilchis float in my pontoon. I was thinking about floating from the County park to the takeout near 101. I’ve never floated it before but have heard that around 6 ft on the Wilson gauge is a reasonable flow. A few days ago the forecast looked like it would be in good shape, but since then we got a bit more rain than anticipated and it now looks like it will be closer to 7ft than 6 on Friday. Is this too high to float? Too high to fish? I’ll probably go out and explore anyway since I have the day off, but would love any insight on the float.

My toon is 10 feet and I’ve rowed some intermediate water like Whitehorse on the Deschutes. I understand this float is quite a bit more mellow than that.

Thanks for any input!

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