Kerala fishermen devastated by tsunami

Kerala fishermen devastated by tsunami – New Delhi,India

Fishing communities in Kerala districts, which were thrashed by the December 26 tsunami waves, are desperately trying to get things back to normal.

The fishing community living along the coastline is the worst affected by the tsunami disaster.

Battered by the tsunami waves, the once idyllic town of Allapad in Kollam district now resembles a ghost town.

Sea wrecks havoc

Eighty of the 160 people who died in Kerala are reported to be from Allapad. The fishermen who survived have fled the village. The whole town is tangle of torn fishing nets and broken boats.

“The water came and climbed over the coconut trees. That was the height of the waves, which washed away everything,” said Shahzi, a fisherman.

“We are in a state of utter and complete depression. We have no home, no clothes and no livelihood. Where shall we go?” he asked.

“We are now scared to go into the sea and our families and government too are preventing us from going,” said another fisherman.


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