Kenai salmon fishing

Kenai salmon fishing pretty good this summer – According to the Associated Press, salmon fishing on the Kenai River turned out to be pretty good this summer for sport fishermen. That’s according to a new Department of Fish and Game report. In its preseason forecast, the department estimated that the early-run king salmon fishery on the Kenai would come in at below average, and that prediction turned out to be right.
According to preliminary numbers, the early run produced just 12-thousand-391 king salmon through June 30th, with an estimated escapement of 76-hundred fish. That compares with an average run of 16-thousand fish. Anglers reported slow fishing in the early run, with Kenai River sport fishermen taking just over three-thousand kings — about half the annual average. The king fishery began picking up in July, although the run was smaller than expected.

Despite the mediocre return, however, anglers were helped by clear water that resulted in catch rates that were reported as excellent at times. For the season, anglers managed to pull in approximately 18-thousand kings — five-thousand more than the average annual

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