Jeannajigs this is for you!

Went to the coast and fished the Kilches and the Wilson on Tuesday and Wed. had a blast. The Masta proved why he is the Masta. Hooked up on his first 3 casts. Didn’t know much about Chum but found out. FUN! Ben was gonna use his Toon Wed. but couldn’t find the clips to hold the foot pegs so ended up staying on the bank. Caught and released don’t know how many "Gators" on Tuesday but it was a blast.

Wed. just did the Wilson but the bite had slowed considerably, in my opinion. But still lots of fish. I know a dichotomy, right.

BaldTexan the Hat was almost lost but luckily we saved it!

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jeannajigs-this-is-for-you Jeannajigs this is for you!  

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