Japan Reach Agreement in Standoff Over Fishing Boat

S. Korea, Japan Reach Agreement in Standoff Over Fishing Boat
June 2 (Bloomberg) — South Korea and Japan agreed to end a 35-hour standoff over a South Korean fishing boat, after the South Korean government admitted the boat crossed into Japanese territorial waters.

“After close negotiations between the two countries, Japan has agreed to withdraw its patrol boats,” Park Joon Woo, a director of the Asia-Pacific division at the South Korean foreign ministry, told reporters. “The captain of the South Korean fishing boat will be under investigation and dealt with according to related laws.”

The standoff came a week after South Korea demanded an apology from the Japanese government over a Japanese official’s comments saying Japan was reluctant to share information about North Korea because the U.S. did not trust South Korea.

South Korean and Japanese patrol boats had moored themselves on either side of the fishing boat since the early hours of June 1 in international waters between the two countries. Each side was telling the other to withdraw so the fishing boat could be towed back to their respective countries.

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