Iyambo Defends Fishing Sector

Iyambo Defends Fishing Sector
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MINISTER of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Abraham Iyambo, yesterday refuted claims made by commercial banks in the country that the fishing industry is lost beyond redemption.

Banking sector representatives on Wednesday morning in Walvis Bay said the fishing sector was in such dire straits that it was almost too late to salvage the situation.

Iyambo said he had advised the organisers of the talk on the fishing sector not to hold the meeting where these pronouncements were made, arguing it was “premature”, since the industry had presented a document to the government requesting for relief measures.

A technical committee established by Cabinet is currently studying this document. Thereafter, a report will be prepared for consideration by a team of ministers after further consultations. He noted dismay over a statement by a certain Werner Thesen from the Banker’s Association of Namibia, who claimed that “it’s already five minutes past twelve” for the industry.

“The Government of Namibia views this statement as unfortunate, premature and irresponsible. One would expect that representatives of banks would at all times respect, protect and safely contain information on their clients during good and difficult times. I am aware that banks have confidential clauses that should protect their clients. It is therefore inappropriate to give a generalised statement about all fishing companies,” Iyambo said.


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