Italy promises to help rebuild Sri Lankan fishing industry

Italy promises to help rebuild Sri Lankan fishing industry
Colombo Page – Colombo,Sri Lanka

Jan 09, Colombo: The government of Italy has come forward to help rebuild the Sri Lankan fisheries industry, which was badly hit when the December 26 tsunamis wiped out fishing boats and equipment along the coastal belt.

Chairman of the Italian Senate Pier Ferdinandis Cisini, who met Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Temple Trees today, pledged his government’s support to give new life to the Sri Lankan fishing industry.

Mr. Cisini said his government is willing to provide fishing boats, nets and other requirements to fishermen in Matara, Galle and Trincomalee. He also said they had been planning to help Sri Lanka prior to the tsunamis but with the disaster, they have altered their program to suit the present needs.

Mr. Cisini told Prime Minister Rajapaksa that the Italian Foreign Minister and his Deputy will be in Sri Lanka during the week to make a study of the disaster. Italy has already provided two mobile hospitals and a medical team with equipment and medicine. The two hospitals are now operating in the Galle district.


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