Iowa fishing report

Iowa fishing report – Mississippi River Pools 16 to 19: Fishing on the Mississippi River Pools16 to 19 has been fair. At the gauging station on Pool 16 (near Muscatine) the water temperature is 84 degrees and the river pool stage is 11.35 feet and is expected to drop over the next several days. In Pools 16 to 19, fishing for channel catfish continues to be good throughout the river and near the mouth of tributary streams and rivers on various baits – leeches, worms, green worms, stink bait and shad guts being the baits of choice. Channel catfish anglers are also picking up a few flathead catfish. Try using live baits such as larger chubs and suckers for flatheads. Flatheads are typically found around drift piles, rocks and deeper holes. Bluegill fishing continues to be fair in all accessible backwaters on redworms, worms, wax worms, and small jigs and bobber rigs. There has been some mixed reports from crappie anglers; some are doing well while others have had limited success. Walleye fishing has been fair to slow. Try fishing for walleye and sauger in the tail waters and wing dams with crankbaits and jigs tipped with minnows or leeches. Fishing for bass has been fair in the backwaters and above Dam 19 for smallmouth and largemouth.

Lake Odessa (Louisa): The high water of the Mississippi River is preventing the normal summer lowering of Odessa’s water level. The water level will be lowered after the river goes down. The Toolesboro access has not been affected by the level of the Mississippi River.

Lake Darling (Washington): Catfish fishing is good in the evenings on chicken liver. Water clarity is good for Lake Darling so some calm evening might be a good time to do some top water fishing for largemouth bass.

Lake Geode (Henry): Bass fishing has been good in the evenings as the air temperature cools. Work the water willow beds with a Texas rig worm to avoid getting hung up.

Lake Belva Deer (Keokuk): Bluegills are suspected in 10 to 12 feet of water. Ice fishing jigs and wax worms are what are catching them. Catfishing has been good to excellent on chicken liver.

Lake Rathbun (Appanoose): Channel catfish have been biting on cut bait and stink bait in the Bridgeview area. Walleyes have been hitting on crankbaits and spinner rigs being trolled. Crappies are being caught in deeper water around structure. White bass have been hitting on minnows.

Lake Hawthorn (Mahaska): Largemouth bass have been hitting top–water lures fished early and late in the day. Channel catfish have been biting on cut bait.

Lake Sugema (Van Buren): Bluegills have been hitting on small jigs. Crappies have been hitting on minnows in deeper water areas. Largemouth bass have been hitting top–water lures early in the morning.

Lake Wapello (Davis): Channel catfish have been biting on liver. Bluegills have been hitting on small jigs. Largemouth bass have been hitting on a variety of artificial lures.

Pleasant Creek (Linn): Walleyes are still being caught while trolling crankbaits. Crappies and bluegills are being harvested from offshore structure on live bait.

Diamond Lake (Poweshiek): Channel catfish are being taken from deeper water on a variety of baits including night crawlers, stink bait and cut bait.

Union Grove (Tama): Anglers are catching a lot of medium sized crappies by slowly trolling or drifting baits in the main lake.

Kent Park (Johnson): Bluegills are being taken in the deeper structure on worms. Catfish can be caught on a variety of live and dead bait. Bass are being caught as well on a number of artificial lures.

Skunk River (Keokuk and Washington): The river spent most of the weekend dropping back down to where it was, and is still a little high for this time of year. Catfish fishing has been slow but look for it to pick up after the water level stabilizes.

For more information on fishing in southeast Iowa , call the regional office in Brighton at 319–694–2430.

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