Iowa fishing report

Iowa fishing report


Mississippi River Pools 16 to 19: Fishing on the Mississippi River Pools16 to 19 has been fair. At the gauging station on Pool 16 (near Muscatine) the water temperature is 80 degrees and the river pool stage is 11.27 feet and is expected to remain stable over the next several days. In Pools 16 to 19, fishing for channel catfish has been good on a variety of baits with worms, leeches, liver, shad guts and crushed minnows working the best. Bluegill fishing has been fair in all accessible backwaters, below the spillways on the dams, and in some side channel areas. Bluegills are being caught on redworms, worms, wax worms, and small jigs and bobber rigs. Anglers are starting to catch a few walleye around the wing dams and near the tailwaters. Anglers are catching a few crappies near Credit Island (Pool 16) and in Pool 19.

Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass fishing has been fair on Pool 19 and below Dam 19.

Lake Odessa (Louisa): The inlet structure remains open providing fresh water to the lake. Water temperature is in the upper 80s. Look for some catfish to be around the inlet and on the riverside of the outlet.

Lake Darling (Washington): Catfishing is good in the evenings and early mornings on chicken liver. Concentrate around the riprap where the fish are feeding on young bluegills. Don’t be surprised to find a few nice flatheads in the same areas.

Lake Geode (Henry): Look for bluegills around the ledges in 10 to 13 feet of water. Also try trolling for crappies using a three–way swivel rig and a minnow.

Lake Belva Deer (Keokuk): Bluegills are suspended in 10 to 12 feet of water. Ice fishing jigs and wax worms are catching them. Concentrate around the trees near the creek channel.

Lake Rathbun (Appanoose): Walleyes have been hitting on vertically jigged presentations over the underwater islands and by trolling crankbaits in the same areas. Crappies have been biting on jig and minnow presentations fished around deep structure.

Lake Hawthorn (Mahaska): Crappies have been biting on a jig and minnow with the best success around deep structure. Some sorting is required for quality size fish. Channel catfish have been biting on liver and stink bait.

Lake Sugema (Van Buren): Largemouth bass have been hitting on a variety of artificial presentations. Bluegills have been hitting on small jigs.

Lake Wapello (Davis): Largemouth bass have been hitting on crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Channel catfish have been hitting on stink bait and liver. Bluegills have been biting small jigs drifted through 14 feet of water.

Diamond Lake (Poweshiek): Channel catfish fishing has been good during warm summer days. Try chicken liver or night crawlers for best results.

Bluegills and crappies can also be caught on the deeper structure on small jigs and wax worms.

Hannen Lake (Benton): Once again, catfish are biting on night crawlers and liver. Bluegills are also being taken from deeper water on small worms.

Lake Macbride (Johnson): Bluegills remain in the shallows and are willing to bite on small jigs or worms. Channel catfish are being taken in the slightly deeper, rocky areas on liver or sunfish.

Rodgers Lake (Benton): Try liver, night crawlers or stink bait for channel catfish.

Pleasant Creek (Linn): Troll crankbaits over rocky areas deeper water for walleyes. Largemouth bass are being caught on a variety of artificial lures and chubs.

Skunk River (Keokuk and Washington): Last week’s rain brought the river back up. Boating should be easy enough and catfish should be looking for food that is still coming down the creek channels.

Iowa River (Louisa): The river is up just a little from last week’s rain so boating will still be pretty rough. Look to the bigger brush piles for fish trying to keep cool.

For more information on fishing in southeast Iowa, call the regional office in Brighton at 319–694–2430

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