Indonesian fishing boats destroyed Australia

Indonesian fishing boats destroyed The Australian Government says it sent a strong message to Indonesia today that it will not tolerate illegal fishing in our northern waters by burning a number of boats.

Five boats caught illegally fishing for shark fin were burnt in Darwin harbour and federal Fisheries Minister Senator Ian Macdonald hopes the images are widely seen in Indonesia.

The Senator says Australia will win the war against poachers.

“There is some intelligence work being done throughout Indonesia and elsewhere to try and address these problems at their source,” he said.

“All of that, combined with the on the water exercises, will eventually lead us to win this battle against illegal fishing in the north of Australia.”

Senator Macdonald says more boats will be burnt when the tides are right.

Two of the boats were caught during Australia’s largest operation to target illegal fishing boats.

“I think the public execution, one might almost say, of these vessels does send a very, very strong message to Indonesian fisherman, that if you come into Australian waters not only will you be fined, perhaps jailed if you don’t pay your fine, but also that your boat will be destroyed,” he said

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