Important info regarding Aaron Mercer Reservoir

hey folks, i thought i would chime in with a yearly update on the ever changing regulations for aaron mercer,since it’s open for the month.

starting last year boats were banned on the reservoir due to people not abiding by laws and using gas motors.
this has taken a lot of opportunity away,but necessary to protect water quality for our towns water supply.

however, floats tubes have been cleared and deemed legal to use. no pontoons,no rafts,just float tubes.This also poses a problem because invasive species stick to please make sure you clean your gear before and after using the reservoir. if you have any questions or concerns, call polk soil & water conservation’s office in dallas and they can point you in a good’s important this boat incident doesn’t happen again,or access might be closed.

In addition, i’m asking for help from all of you that frequent the area.if you see anyone attempting to fish for salmon in the creek,reservoir,streams feeding the reservoir, or people trespassing near the fish trap, try to get photo or video evidence and a license plate number,and please call polk soil and water or contact me here so they can be dealt with appropriately. We’ve done a lot to educate those who use the reservoir and creek up there and it has worked wonders,but still trying to weed out some poachers.your help is appreciated to protect these amazing fish! we do watch and patrol regularly throughout the season but sometimes they sneak by us.

were in a bad year for coho salmon runs,so it is essential we truck as many healthy fish up as we can without issues.

all of that aside, trout fishing should be great this month,especially with the rains and cooler weather! great place to check out if you dont want to go super far from home and live in the valley. trout survived the harsh summer just barely,but things are coming back to normal.

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