If you could live anywhere in the W-Zone, what would be your home river and town?

Hi everybody. Great forum. IÂ?ve read lots and learned lots from you. IÂ?m an addicted fly fisherman, Life Member of TU, dedicated conservationist.

HereÂ?s the part you have to forgive me for: IÂ?m from out of state and planning to retire in OR in the next year. I live in CA and have fished mostly the Eastern Sierra and MT. In OR, IÂ?ve only fished the Williamson years ago on private property above Chiloquin. So my knowledge of OR water is limited to what I read and see on videos. We have friends in Sandy, OR but they donÂ?t fish so while theyÂ?re fun people, theyÂ?re useless on this subject.

My question: what river and town would you buy near, if you were in my place and wanted a great �home river�? I�d like it to have decent trout opportunities; it doesn�t necessarily have to be great for salmon/steelhead because I figure I can drive for that. I�d like my happy place to be no more than 1½ hours from PDX. After I get settled, I�ll hope to explore as many of your great rivers and little streams as possible. I prefer to hike and bushwack my way to some uncrowded water rather than stand in a river with 56 other people on either side of me:). I�m looking for advice on a place you guys think would be a good home base.

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