Ice fishing 2-28-15 Canandaigua -a mixed bag

I went solo today in search of the perch and didn’t have a hit from1 PM until 5 and a lot of folks got disgusted and left for home.  From 5 -6:15 PM things really took off. I was jigging for perch in 8 ft of water and I had been drilling holes all afternoon and spending a while in each and then moving around looking for signs of life. I finally found one hole that had a spark of life in it and started catching perch one right after another and then a largemouth then a couple more perch and another largemouth some more perch and then my little jigging rod bent over like there was no tomorrow and the 2 lb test line started peeling out with the drag going for about six or seven times…I strongly suspected I had a trout by the feel of it and the fact that it stripped out about half of my line….turned out to be a 24 inch male rainbow all colored up ice-fishing-2-28-15-canandaigua-a-mixed-bag Ice fishing 2-28-15 Canandaigua -a mixed bag  It was worth the wet arm getting him out of the hole too ice-fishing-2-28-15-canandaigua-a-mixed-bag Ice fishing 2-28-15 Canandaigua -a mixed bag

All the fish came out of that single hole and all on the same little jig with spikes and I ended up with 3 or 4 perch after the pic.

Anyway glad I ended up staying and waiting it out… the biggest of the largemouths was 19 1/4 inches and the other was 18 inches,. All in all a fun day on the ice.

Oh and I have confirmation that there are in fact rainbow smelt still in Canandaigua. I caught two of them on spikes while jigging in 36 ft of water and there was a whole school of them there.

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