ibay sat

finally got the cast off during the week and things were healing nicely so after a 9 week break finally had a chance to get the boat out.  took my dad and brother down to the bay looking for a fish fry.  the weather was beautiful for it.  We found fish all throughout the bay.  no major numbers but steady action.  found we caught more keepers when drifting.  seemed like keeping the bait moving was key.  took home enough for a meal but nowhere near a limit.  did get into a school of white perch that were a blast on the ultralights we got one that was in the pound and a half range or bigger. I kept a couple to see what they tasted like and to be honest once fried up you couldnt tell them from the perch.  had a minor incedent with the pontoon charter he came up and anchored right in our drift about 10 ft down wind of us wtf.  10ft may have been an overestimate we congradulated him on his manners and didnt even need to rais our voice for him to hear us.  oh well pleanty of fish in the bay so we moved on.  gonna get one more trip in before i winterize now i cant decide on more perch or a fingerlakes run gotta get some fresh gas and stabil through the kicker

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