How do you take care of your fishing rods

After every outing I wash and rinse and wax my rods. Once a week I drop them off at the nail salon so each guide gets done with a clear coat to prevent corrosion. Then it’s off to the masseuse for my foam handled rods. A Swedish deep tissue massage helps keep the foam handles soft and supple.

They’re then stored in a temperature and humidity controlled chamber on a rotating rod holder to prevent gravity induced curvature.

Also every rod gets a custom rod sock by a custom suit tailor.

just kidding, in reality I subscribe to the method stated by Lukster:


Originally Posted by lukster14 how-do-you-take-care-of-your-fishing-rods How do you take care of your fishing rods

anyone else subscribe to the i care for my reels, and pair em with cheapo rods that i dont plan on lasting me more than 2 seasons method?

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