Homosassa Fishing Report 3-24

Offshore March 22,23: #BigReds#MoganAJ’s#KidsFishing

March 24th, 2014 zhoffman

This weekend we were blessed with very good weather and awesome fishing. I went offshore Saturday and Sunday and we found the fish…… The Amber Jack are all over the place, hanging on high relief structure in 50-80 feet of water. I have been throwing 6-8 oz Williamson Vertical Jigs and they just can not help but eat them up. On todays trip we were only able to get a vertical jig to the boat one time. We literally made it a challenge, I made a smart a$$ comment about the jacks being faster than the clients and before I knew it there was a $50 bet on who could get a jig to the boat from the bottom to the boat with out hooking up. Matt won the bet 25!! minutes later, these fish were going crazy, I almost won that bet, but hooked up 5 feet from the boat with a 30 pounder. I do have a challenge for anyone who wants to go out with me, I want to see someone land a legal jack on fly. I can get the fish to the boat; my idea is to take the hooks off the vertical jigs and get them to the top of the water column, then pitch live bait on the surface to get them really fired up, then start stripping in your fly through the feeding frenzy. But anyway, we found the grouper in 70-60 feet of water, it is still a some what slow bite, but the fish are there, so be patient and keep trying different baits until you find what they want that day and you will get plenty for dinner. This week the weather will be iffy, but once it clears up get out there and get on those fish! Don’t forget to support your local tackle shops like Blue Water Bait and Tackle, Mac Rae’s, and Ed’s, they keep us going, and keep us supplied with the good stuff.
homosassa-fishing-report-3-24 Homosassa Fishing Report 3-24

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