Help battle illegal fishing, pleads NT

Help battle illegal fishing, pleads NT
10:54 AEDT Fri Apr 1 2005

Daring illegal foreign fishermen are raping and pillaging Australian fish stocks within sight of the Northern Territory coast, the NT government says.

NT Fisheries Minister Kon Vatskalis called on the federal government to devote more resources into fighting illegal fishing inside Australian waters.

He said the fishermen were becoming more daring, hunting illegally for sharkfin within two nautical miles of shore without fear of arrest.

“Illegal boats come into commonwealth waters and the Australian fishing zone and they pillage and rape our resources,” Mr Vatskalis said.

“Unless the commonwealth come to the game, unless the commonwealth put the resources in place to stop the illegal fishermen coming to our waters, nothing is going to be achieved.

“Our shark fishery is going to be plummeted, it’s going to go down the gurgler and our fishery is going to be destroyed.


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