Heading up to the mountains, need some last minute tips

I am heading up to the middle of no where without the option of google ;), and could use your input. I have asked before, but am still a bit confused by it all.

What colors do you use at what depth?

When do you switch out UV with Glow?

I am taking a bunch of people out, and being the fisherman of the bunch, they are going to rely on me for the knowledge. I am still getting into the kokanee fishing, so I am far from the pros like you guys are.

The water we are looking at is blue/greenish we are looking at 25-40ft down.

So any specific lure combinations or tips? I have a wide variety of wedding ring combination colors, most of my hoochies are pink, either hot pink, pink/clear, pink/purple. I have wiggle hoochies from blue, green, purple, white/yellow. I need to branch out to more colors for regular hoochies since I only have 1 orange hoochie.


Thanks everyone, continue to learn things everyday from you guys.

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