Harbour left resembling an ‘abattoir’

Harbour left resembling an ‘abattoir’ after fishing fest
The West Coast Council says the accidental release of up to 25,000 salmon and trout from a fish farm at Macquarie Harbour has left the region looking like an abattoir.

Mayor Darryl Gerrity says the fish escaped from the farm on Tuesday and eager fishermen have been out in force ever since.

But Councillor Gerrity says they have left behind an awful mess.

“The places are awash with bodies, carcasses and guts where people from away have caught these trout and salmon and just left the launching ramps and recreational areas looking like an abattoir,” he said.

Councillor Gerrity says numerous calls to help clean-up the area are falling on deaf ears.

“It is the farm’s responsibility, it is the Minister’s responsibility and it is also the government division of marine farming’s responsibility and none of them, I repeat, none of them, want to know about it.”

A spokesman for Fisheries Minister Steve Kons says the council can apply for funding for signage under the Fishwise program, encouraging anglers not leave mess behind.

ABC Online – Australia

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