Gregoire to replace four on fishing board

Gregoire to replace four on fishing board JEFFREY P. MAYOR; The News Tribune
Last updated: March 15th, 2005 02:40 AM

Gov. Christine Gregoire is expected to name four members to the state Fish and Wildlife Commission today, a move seen by some as good news for recreational fishing.
In her run for the governor’s office, Gregoire vowed to take the commission in a new direction. Replacing four of the nine commissioners could be the first step in fulfilling that promise.

The commission sets policies to be implemented by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, which is responsible for protecting and managing the state’s wildlife and fish resources.

The new appointees are expected to be Shirley Solomon, Miranda Wecker, Chuck Perry and Jerry Gutweiler.

Solomon co-founded the Long Live the Kings conservation group in 1997. She currently works for the Skagit Watershed Council and lives on Fir Island in Skagit County.

“I’ve been around these issues for 20 years and feel that I can make a contribution,” Solomon said Monday. “I don’t really see things in terms of black or white. I come at it from a conservation standpoint, rather than a user standpoint.”

Wecker manages the University of Washington’s Olympic Natural Resources Center’s marine program at Willapa Bay. She lives in Naselle.

“I support what the agency needs to do in managing fish and wildlife. It’s important for people to step up to the plate and take some responsibility in that process,” she said Monday.

“Fish management and game management affects people’s lives every day. We need good applied research done. Our management policies should be based on good science.”

Perry is a former Department of Fish and Wildlife employee specializing in range management issues in Eastern Washington.

Gutweiler is a retired forester who lives in Eastern Washington as well.

Gregoire will retain Fred Shiosaki, Kenneth Chew and Clyde McBrayer. Also staying onboard are Chairman Ron Ozment and Will Roehl. Both of them had been previously confirmed by the Senate.

The commissioners expected to be replaced are Bob Tuck, John Hunter, Pete Schroeder and Holly Ledgerwood.


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