Greatd Day, No Monsters

On Saturday i fished the lower Itchen with my eldest son Tom, and a friend of his, also called Tom.

Got there just after 7am, and was set up and fishing by 7.45. It was very mild, very light wind, with no rain until around 8.30, the rain got very heavy for a while around 10.30 but by 11.15 time the sun was out for a while.

The fishing couldn’t have been better, My sons mate had never caught a Grayling, and ended the day with 29, and 17 Trout.

My son Tom, had 43 Grayling, 9 trout, 1 Chub and an Eel.

I managed to end the day with around 60 Grayling, and 11 Trout, i gave up counting at 50 and headed off to find some Roach around 1pm. The rain had returned and was steady the whole afternoon, very dark clouds, and the wind became stronger, but nothing like the forecast had given.

Couldn’t buy a Roach, had several more Grayling on Bread and a couple of Trout. Only two other anglers there, and they fished the car park weir having Grayling and Trout.

We didn’t have any monsters, we all had Grayling to around the pound and half mark, with the average being around 12ozs to a pound, and the usual small ones here and there.

Great day out, helped i think by the lack of anglers fishing, not sure if they just didn’t turn up because of the forecast, or if the fishery just wasn’t booked up.

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