Govt to look at fishing group’s tuna farm concerns

Govt to look at fishing group’s tuna farm concerns
ABC Online – Australia

The Western Australian Government says it will investigate concerns raised by a peak fishing body over the Conservation Council’s involvement with the MG Kailis proposed tuna farm off the Esperance coast.

The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council has called on Fisheries Minister Kim Chance to “clarify” the role of the Conservation Council’s fisheries officer, Nic Dunlop.

The industry council claims Dr Dunlop behaved inappropriately by orchestrating the anti-tuna sentiment at a community meeting late last year.

Dr Dunlop has since rejected the comments.

Mr Chance says he will not be swayed but does believe the issue has gone off track.

“I think the Rechereche Archipelago issue has become something of a polemic and people have chosen to take sides on the matter at a very early stage,” he said.

“I don’t think that the objective of getting all of the facts on the table has been properly reached.”


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