gotta love angling!!

I put this list up on FB earlier and had a few replies, i don’t think this is a bad price for basic gear that’s only going to be used once or twice a year.

2 boat rods (20-30lb)(shakespere omni x’s)
2 multipliers
2 Beach casters
2 reels
2 spools of 30lb line
Beach pod
2 packs of clips
2 packs of swivels
2 packs of muppets
2 packs of fake ragworm (maryukky stuff)

the whole lot delivered comes to 111.52

Now like i said i figured that was a great price but then a fellow angler (and MD’er) offers me some rods for free and tops it by saying he may even have reels to suit! gotta-love-angling gotta love angling!!

Blown away by it and it shows why i love being a member of the angling family!

We’ve all done it, given a bit of help and advice on the bankside, given away end tackle, the occasional rod, cheepo reel etc and you feel a sort of pride for helping but when you are on the recieving end it is a different feeling altogether a sort of humbling feeling/sensation.

I can’t think of any other past time/sport that has so many people like that involved who are so willing to give away time, effort and equipment to keep the sport alive!

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