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sorry boys the fish are not turning color. it is the sun bouncing off the fish in the surf which makes them look gold the stripes and background of the fish will look gold just like many bait fish when the sun hits them in a happens all the time

Wow I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Lockbox your not entirely right. All fish adapt to the surroundings. Put a trout in your favorite white bucket and watch as the fish lightens in color. Put them in a dark bucket and they darken.

Same goes with stripers but since most of us don’t have a bucket big enough. Will do this in the environment. White sandy bottom clear or even milky water a striper lightens to become harder to see for predators. Dark coloration in a seaweed covered area You get darker fish. If that fish moves out of one area to the other they do stand out. I have seen them with a beautiful purple hue also.

Then there are stress indicators, fish will go pale when in situations that cause them either physical harm or stress. It is why I prefer lighter plugs that stand out rather than darker ones that blend in. Predators use this to determine weaker or easier prey situations.

As for seeing a flash of color like gold in the water around a fish. That’s refraction, as Lockbox states it’s caused by the light. Be it sunlight or artificial. Could this be a way nature helps a predatory fish confuse it’s prey?? I have no idea. I don’t speak fish.

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